SleekEZ Settles Litigation Against Competitor

SleekEZ Settles Litigation Against Competitor

Posted on August 08, 2018 by jennifer tipton | 0 comments

After over two years of litigation based on SleekEZ's allegations that competitor Groom Ninja violated trade secrets and patent infringement, both SleekEZ and Groom Ninja have come to an agreement and reached a settlement.

Both SleekEZ and Groom Ninja have been fierce competitors on the market. Contention arose when a former boyfriend had been employed by SleekEZ began creating a near identical product and selling aggressively against SleekEZ.

SleekEZ filed suit after the competitor chose to continue selling the products after receiving a cease and desist. In the meantime, SleekEZ's utility patent no. 9,474,250 was published adding a new layer to the litigation.

Groom Ninja shall be bearing the SleekEZ patent number on its like products going forward and the trade secrets lawsuit has been dropped.

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