SleekEZ gives back to the horse, dog and cat community for nonprofit organizations

SleekEZ's Give Back Program

We value our success and want to share our success to the community.

SleekEZ's Give Back Program allows us to do just that.  Every month we begin a drive with the help of a designated nonprofit or more (depending on the size of the organization).  All sales that have the nonprofit code entered for that particular month, SleekEZ gives back 50 percent of that sale (excluding the shipping and handling) to that nonprofit.

We officially started our Give Back Program on April 23, 2012 for One Horse At A Time, Inc.  It was a success, and we exceeded their expectations!  What a wonderful feeling it is to be able to contribute to a great cause.  And, it is to all purchasers of SleekEZ that we thank most.

If you are a nonprofit, and think that our product has the diversity to meet your supporters needs, please contact us.  We are not limited to animal rescues, but SleekEZ products do meet most of their supporters' needs.  If your nonprofit is chosen we highlight your organization with an article on our website, and also on our Facebook page.