Now something for short-coated dogs that shed... Dogs prefer the SleekEZⓇ guaranteed!

5" SleekEZ® The Original Medium Grooming Tool

Finally, a grooming tool that is for all coats that shed, including short-coated and wire-haired dogs! This 5" SleekEZ® animal grooming tool is doggone perfect for your canine friend, horse, goat or any other animal that regularly SHEDS.*  Our patented tool works on a variety of coats.  Whether your animal has very short fur to long fur with a thick undercoat, our tool does an excellent job at removing loose hair, dirt and dander. Get out the SleekEZ for one slick animal.

Animals that are sensitive to longer-toothed grooming brushes and combs prefer and enjoy SleekEZ® The Original as it does not pull the hair and tug on the skin aggressively. Rather, it grabs by the tips of the hair effectively removing hair, dirt and dander without discomfort.

And, remember, it is not just for use on the animals!  It is the animal product for the animal lifestyle! Use it to also remove pet hair from upholstery, carpeting, pet bedding, carpeting and more.



*This product is not ideal for dogs that have human-like hair, such as Yorkshires or Shih Tzus as it is not a detangler.

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