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Many Thanks to Our Retailers!

Posted on May 08, 2011 by jennifer tipton | 1 comment

 We've had a number of inquiries from retailers and distributors from the UK, France and the USA.  We have sold multiple orders to the USA so far. We are not preparing to go the distributorship route at this point.  Presently, we are getting our retailer page set up to list retailers by state.  A number of customers have wanted to know if any are sold in stores in their areas, but we have had to inform them that we don't know of any.

It is all a work in progress.  There is a lot that comes with a start-up business. For one, there is shipping.  We have went from in-house to fulfillment house, to in-house, to fulfillment house. And, we are going back in-house because we want the best for our customers.  We have not had the best fortune with our fulfillment house, sadly. It is difficult to be in the position where we have high expectations and they are not met.

But, onwards and upwards!  We have been fortunate with the retailers with whom we have become acquainted.  To those whom resale, please email us at for wholesale prices.



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December 20, 2011

This is both srteet smart and intelligent.

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