Our Story

     As a keen observer of animal behavior, and a former equine dentist who paid a lot of attention to the poll area (where the head meets the neck) of horses through her work, SleekEZ® creator Jennifer Tipton noted that animals scratch and lick themselves through motion of the poll. And, animals do seem to like how it feels. After all, horses, dogs and cats often affectionately groom one another. For this reason Jen designed a grooming tool with and oval handle that rolls in your palm(s) This natural motion over the animal's body is soothing and affectionate.
     Our tools have no sharp teeth or prickly tines irritating the skin. SleekEZ's grooming tools have a unique tooth configuration of teeny, tiny teeth that do not contact the skin in most situations but when so it provides a pleasing scratch.
Because of the ideal tooth pattern and configuration, these patented grooming tools work on a variety of coats; fine to thick and long to short (though more ideal on medium- and short-coated dogs) to quickly remove all shedding hair plus dirt and dander. There truly isn’t any other grooming tool on the market that makes any shaggy coat sleek within minutes with this much ease, comfort and affordability.
     Based upon its novelty and design, not only do we hold both US utility and design patents, but SleekEZ is proud to announce that The ORIGINAL by SleekEZ® (med) is the best-selling product and ranked number one for almost two years on Amazon. Our latest achievement was the announcement that SleekEZ LLC made it onto the 2018 Inc 500 list as one of the fastest US growing private companies. It is the only pet product company to do so. And, Jen is one of the only 12 percent of these companies woman-owned!
     There is no such thing as “overnight success”. Although SleekEZ is an unusually simple tool that works great, our success story is about someone who took a garage business and grew it to mass producing hundreds of thousands of units sold throughout the world. This was not easy at all, nor did it occur overnight. Jennifer Tipton built this herself without  partners, borrowed money, but with a lot of sweat equity. She built it from the ground up making SleekEZ tools herself, working day and night and in her unheated garage during the cold Montana winters just to get handfuls of orders shipped each and every day.
     She marketed it herself, packaged and shipped orders worldwide, kissing goodbye to each package that left our shores for places she only dreamed to go. Meanwhile she successfully obtaining both a US utility and design patent. Not bad for “overnight success”.
     It has been said that one of the biggest reasons for an entrepreneur’s failure is burn out. Entrepreneurs are tenacious to a fault because they are so committed to their goals and can work themselves to death. But, entrepreneurs live for challenges and that is what keeps up going.
     We are proud and excited to introduce in October 2018 The PROFESSIONAL by SleekEZ®. Created with the professional groomer in mind, or those with multiple pets that require a lot of grooming, The PROFESSIONAL is constructed with an ergonomic handle and stainless steel, making it waterproof and durable. We hope that you appreciate the five colors that represent the beauty of nature around us and are pleased with the design.
     This is Our Story thus far. You can own your very own piece of it by buying from us direct or from a number of stores including all Tractor Supply Stores and soon in many Ace Hardware stores. All stores will be listed on our website.
    Many thanks to so many wonderful customers! Truly animals are so important to our lives. In this crazy world, nature and animals remain real and true. This and the love they give represents the true spirit behind SleekEZ.
Take good care!