Following are testimonials that we have found online or have been emailed to us.  This is a new thingy out on the market, and so many of you are wondering if it works.  It's not fancy, but it does work.  And, if your friend or hubby says that they can make the same thing, we'll just let you wait for him/her to do it.  The SleekEZ handle is custom made after many trials and error.  You can use it with one and or two hands. The horse brush is intended to be used with two hands.  Please review the following:

 "Mods I hope this is ok to post, I'm in no way affiliated, endorsed, sponsored or associated with this company, I recently bought their product and tried it and just wanted to share my review and findings! :)

I recently saw someone mentioning about a Furminator to get all the loose hair off their horse and upon doing some Googling, some YouTube videos came up and one was about a girl who was doing a trial on 4 different shedding products, one was your average metal blade, one was the black grooming block, she had a Furminator and something called a SleekEZ. I watched the video intently and I was hooked, so was this girl! She used the SleekEZ last and absolutely loved it, even more so than her preferred tool the Furminator!! I then searched some more videos before looking up the company website and ordering myself one to try!

I got them in the mail the other day and tried it out on a filly who's had the most disgusting coat, she has a mix of dandruff, dirt, rainscald scunge and just huge chunks of hair that weren't budging, I have actually been tempted to wash and then clip her to get it off.

The SleekEZ is simply and utterly AMAZING and I say this without word of a lie!! I wish I'd have gotten photos or videos of doing this filly as she looked like a completely new horse after I'd done one side!!! The hair coming out was as if I had clipped her! It is without a doubt THE BEST shedding tool I have ever used. I had her tied up but after doing one side I went and attacked my Riding Pony mare who was standing there watching and she just let me do her all over with it and really leant into it and just thoroughly enjoyed having it done!

This thing is brilliant, if you're serious about wanting to shed your horse's coat then don't use anything else. I was very sceptical (as I am with everything) but the SleekEZ is just mind blowing. And I'm certainly not the richest person around but I found them affordable. I also bought one for my cat lol..." ~ Lou Kimba, Australia


 "Okay, I received my SleekEZ in the mail yesterday and tried it out on my QH mare Maxie today and I have to say it was AMAZING!!!! It's like using a squeegee on a wet window! Hair and dirt come off in clumps and fall neatly to the floor instead of flying everywhere. I showed it to a friend who said she was all done with her horse but we got a ton of hair and dirt off her still. I had to stop so I could go ride but she was definitely impressed as well. Thank you so much for a product that does what it says. :)" ~ Cathleen Oblinger


"I just received my combo SleekEZ tonite in the mail. I opened it and took the 2 inch comb to my 12 yo cat and he loved it so much he rolled over and let me do his belly. He had his eyes closed just loving it. This is the cat that when you try to groom him will bite in a heartbeat.
If the cats plus my dog who I groomed like it so much, my horses and mules will love it. The way it pulls the loose hair and dander is the best product I have seen.
Look out horses and mules! Dad is coming for you to groom you tomorrow. 
Great product." - Mike Heiser


"Good afternoon - I am the VP of a registered 501(c)3 non profit One
Horse at a Time, Inc.. I just ordered the combination pack and took it
out to the pasture - OH MY GOODNESS! I put my TWH gelding to sleep - my
3 YO TB filly wouldn't leave me alone when I tried to groom the 26 YO
quarter horse (she had already HAD her session!) - I'm sold!!  - Penny Austin

"It comes in a size suitable for DOGS too! It is 5" long which is 1/2 the length of the original tool. My local feed store had some and I bought one of the smaller ones, too. I've used it on my wire-haired mutt that enjoys a soft undercoat which is shedding right now. It works great! I think that it will also work great on those smaller horse parts too....like legs. Probably won't work on my Aussie or my border collie, though. I'll still have to use the shedding rake on them." - PRS, online forum


"I just purchased one of these, and it arrived yesterday! I was really happy with its performance on the yak mare (I REALLY should have done that third clip ...). I can see this little gizmo saving me a good bit of grooming time and definitely saving money on the slicker blocks.

Ivy, my thin-skinned (and naturally non-hairy) TB cross didn't object to me applying the shedder to her. She doesn't really need it, but it did help pull up some scurf on her bum where she had had a good roll in her favorite sandy wallow." - coloredhorse, online forum

"Ok, I'm back. Ended up grooming a furry little pony after my ride because I was soooo impressed with this tool.
My pony is blanketed and groomed vigorously 4x a week so there was not alot of hair to remove but this tool did a much better job than any other tool I have used. What I also liked was that it removes all the underlying dirt and dry skin along with the hair. I showed another boarder and she used it on her horse and was also amazed. I wanted to try it on something furrier so I tried it on one of smaller ponys and I was AMAZED at the amount of hair I got off this little guy.
I am now eyeballing all the little furry monsters at the ranch to attack with my new Sleekez" - rizzodm, working hunter, online forum


"My dogs don't like to be brushed.  I think it is the teeth of the brush scraping against the skin.  They tolerate the SleekEZ, though.  And, it really works well." - S. Kirk, Agua Dulce, CA (owner of fine labrador retrievers)


"I really like how the handle fits in the hand.  I can get a good grip. It's easy to use and works amazingly well." - M. Richarz,CA


"This thing [SleekEZ] is freakin' slick!" - Bo Sharp, pro team roper, S. Dakota


"This product is freaking awesome!!! I cannot believe how much hair comes out!!! My donkey takes the longest to shed out, and she looks sleek now because of this!!!" - Stacey "Myhorserocks" Huska

"I am using it on the cows now - they love it!

Funny to see a cow with her head to the ground drooling whilst you brush her :D" ~ Acer, Australia