Apr 24 , 2011

Other Uses for the SleekEZ

 Okay...I'm not kidding around.  But, I wanna know.  Any creative, practical uses will be considered.  I, personally, use the SleekEZ to remove dog hair from my car seats.  They are NOT leather, mind you.  They are velvety cloth.  I also use it on my motor home couch and chairs to remove, yet more, dog hair.  There are cloth as well.  Heavy upholstery, not nylon.  I would imagine that the SleekEZ would snag nylon.  Not a good idea! Also, I use it on my motor home carpets when I am vacuuming.  I just rake the SleekEZ over the carpet and pull up all the dog hair that I KNOW the vacuum cleaner will not get.

One buyer emailed in that she uses it after washing all the polo saddle blankets.  She said it works fantastic to remove dirt, hair and sweat from the pads.  Great idea!  

Let's hear some more!

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